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The Excellence Academy (TEA), is an educational mentorship organization, created to empower and equip both artists and executives with the skills to effectively and consistently monetize their ideas. Established in January 2022, TEA serves as an informational ecosystem, where Creatives will be able to:


- share and workshop their ideas;

- connect meaningfully and network with industry tastemakers, executives, and veteran business mavens within the industry;

-develop crucial habits and mindsets that springboard them from idea to action, and;

- receive key tools and training on how to approach their creative business endeavors.

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Excellence isn’t just achieved; it's developed. Whether your career is in “hot water” and you’re on the rise, or “ice cold” because you just started out, The Excellence Academy is for those ready to hone their skills, develop key connections, and learn new strategies necessary to take their ideas from pencil to profit!

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